Tristen Sky’s aphrodisiac flower spray connects with the root and sacral chakras to help raise vibration. Assists with grounding, creativity, security, confidence, and sexuality. Blessed by Archangel Metatron.


 "May we all know how sexy we can be. Be secure and proud of who we are. Not dance in anxiety, but dance with our two feet on the ground.” Tristen Sky


Directions : Shake the bottle, close your eyes, open your heart, spray in your auric field, breathe deeply, and flaunt!


Ingredients : Water, Pure Grapefruit Essential Oil, Pure Orange Essential Oil, Cactus Essence, Pure Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Pure Clary Sage Essential Oil, Pure Patchouli Essential Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, and Love. 


100ml UV Light protected bottle.


Avoid use during pregnancy, if breastfeeding, or use on animals. 

FLAUNT - Energy Spray